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Magical Riverboat Airbnb - Reims

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

We've always wanted to experience a riverboat cruise, and this Airbnb in Reims, France, fulfilled the riverboat part without the constant moving.

A significant part of the city of Reims was destroyed in the war, so only the centre of Reims has character and beauty, and we found the outer parts of the city industrial. 

For those expecting a stay overlooking vines or nature, it's rare, expensive, and not central to the township.

This magical Airbnb gives you that experience surrounded by nature and water but tucked away in the city's heart. We wanted loads of greenery and a beautiful crystal clear river whilst still only a five-minute walk to the Notre Dame cathedral. Thank you, Regine, for sharing your magical oasis with the world.

The owner Regine is an absolute delight; she is kind, easy to communicate with, and exudes positive, warm energy. She has lovingly restored this riverboat to be a floating home, in the true sense. The sheer size of this boat is impressive; we could have easily stayed for one or two weeks to experience local life in Reims.

The riverboat is perfect for a short weekend away or an extended stay to Champagne your way around Champagne.

Great facility to self-cater with a fully equipped kitchen; while being so close to the city, your can easily walk and enjoy some mouth-watering French fare.

So let's get into the details, the front of the boat is where the main bedroom is located, and it's so large with windows (portholes that open), allowing you to watch all the activities on the river and enjoy the fresh air.

Please don't worry; all the portholes on the river bank facing side are frosted, so your privacy is protected.

The river-facing side allows you to enjoy the river, occasional rowers, and even present-day river boats still transporting goods.

The living area is perfect for catching those afternoon naps after a hard day of Champagne tasting with ample cosy couches.

The dining area and kitchen are perfect for self-catering (including stove, oven and dishwasher), which we did on multiple nights. The well-stocked pantry ensured you did not need to worry about all those small but essential items that most Airbnbs never include.

The bathroom is fantastic, with a large two-person shower, plenty of hot water and storage for your amenities.

We took advantage of the large deck to enjoy a bottle of Champagne with some fine French cheese while soaking up the warm afternoon sun, and for those hotter days, a large canopy/umbrella delivers shade while the breeze of the river keeps you cool. You are also spoilt with fabulous sunsets.

Be sure to feed the local redfin fish and the ducks, who are always happy to have some leftover bread. The river is full of activity; the fish will keep you entertained all day.

As we write this review, our heart aches to be back on this boat for an extended two-week stay. It is truly magical and will exceed your expectations.

Wished we could give this Airbnb more than five stars!

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