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Medellin Lounge - Cesme

Medellin Lounge - One visit

We were strolling home via the marina and came across Medellin Lounge. We were loaded up with our weekly groceries, and being tempted by live music, we just had to drop in and have a drink and listen to the band.

We were warmly greeted by the band and the staff as we entered, and they happily made us cocktails not on the menu, and they tasted amazing. The live music duo was upbeat and created an atmosphere.

I must say, wow, the best bloody mary I've had in ages; think freshly squeezed tomatoes with the perfect spice level; we came in for one and just had to stay for more. The gin fizz was generous too and well balanced.

We only popped by for a drink and the local Turkish music, so unable to comment on the food this time. Pricing is very reasonable, and unfortunately, we didn't check the wines available as it was more of a pub vibe.

We truly loved the vibe and energy from the band and staff. A fabulous place and a perfect live music venue with ample seating to view and enjoy the live music.

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