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MITU Restaurant - Alacati

MITU Alavya Hotel - Two visits

MITU is an exquisite restaurant located in the stunning boutique Alavya Hotel, Alacati.

The hotel's interior oozes style, and you are greeted as you walk in with a selection of fine local delicacies in the boutique delicatessen.

As you continue, you'll be greeted with the main restaurant and bar, tables scattered throughout the restaurant, a cosy lounge nook by the log fire, or you can move into the idyllic outdoors on the private terrace overlooking the magnificent pool.

The menu will be sure to satisfy you. The food was prepared expertly and was delicious; you will be pleased with the dining experience and your choices. You are welcomed with freshly baked bread and olives accompanied with olive oil from their garden. The homemade meatballs (kofta) were heavenly, followed by and local selection of desserts.

They host an impressive wine list of high-quality Turkish wines, including all our favourites from Chamlija and a small selection of champagnes to begin your culinary journey. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do cocktails this time; however, the bar was very inviting.

They were a very professional and friendly team, all with excellent knowledge of the menu and wine list, and attentive during our slow dining.

MITU previously shared their home with the fabulous Agrilia Restaurant, which after six years, has now moved to a new location in Alacati.

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