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Ohrid Lake Boat Tours - Ohrid

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

One of the most incredible experiences to date on our travels, a magical private lunch and boat cruise with Captain Nikola of B & F Cruise - Ohrid Lake Boat Tours of Lake Ohrid Macedonia.

It all started with Nikola reaching out via Facebook directly to recommend a cruise, after I responded to confirm he then researched our blog and custom designed a perfect cruise for Sal & Wayne, he couldn't have guessed us better! Kudos to Nikola for working smarter during low tourism and finding ways to connect with travellers, instead of waiting at the port for tourists to walk past, he has pivoted his business and successfully creating unique experiences by learning all about his prospective guests online.

We started the tour boarding our private boat with Nikola from the centre of town, to then cruise the coast line of the lake including the beautiful natures views of the National Park Galichica.

Enjoyed the magical scenery and crystal clear waters of Lake Ohrid, we were completely overwhelmed by the beauty and mind-blowing views. Nikola was full of positive energy and a pleasure to be around. He also has extensive knowledge of the history and is a local Ohrid lad himself.

After one hour or so of cruising, we then stopped off to visit the Bay of Bones, a museum on water for a quick tour. It is a reconstructed village of stilt houses displaying Bronze & Iron Age items recovered from Lake Ohrid. Archaeologists believed it to look between 1200 and 600 BC.

We continued our cruise up the Ohrid coast to then stop into a charming lakeside village Trpejca to have our delicious lunch freshly served by Restaurant And Terrace UNO (freshly caught local trout fish from the morning). they kindly setup on the boat, restaurant style whilst we enjoyed a stroll along the beach in Trpejca.

We then cruised five minutes in the crystal clear waters to a small alcove where we anchored and enjoyed a private lazy lunch, the most delicious fish and the beauty of the coastline with Albania just a few miles away.

Our lovely captain Nikola was picked up by the restaurant so Wayne and I could dine privately, we then messaged him once we were ready 1.5 hours later and he was delivered back to us and then boat was cleared from the lunch setting (table and all).

We continued our cruise back to Ohrid, stopping by to see the team from the restaurant to thank them fo the wonderful food and exceptional experience, they called Nikola to bring us over to say good bye, it was incredibly sweet.

It truly was the most spectacular and relaxing experience and we are very grateful to Nikola, Stefan and the restaurant crew for their efforts in making it very special. We absolutely felt very spoilt and thank you all from the bottom of our heart, we cannot recommend this experience highly enough.

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