• Sal Schmidt

Restaurant and Terrace UNO - Trpejca

Updated: Apr 30

Restaurant And Terrace UNO - One visit

This family-owned restaurant is located in the majestic village of Trpejca, a short boat cruise from Ohrid, with crystal clear waters at your doorstep.

We were very fortunate to be able to enjoy a private lunch prepared by this restaurant on our magical boat cruise of Lake Ohrid with B & F Cruise - Ohrid Lake Boat Tours.

The famous Ohrid trout was freshly caught from the lake that very morning by the owners, to be prepared a unique way on the grill that very few restaurants offer in Ohrid. It was mouthwatering.

Our lunch was set-up on the boat, full restaurant style, where we anchored in a small alcove to enjoy a private lunch and a lovely local bottle of wine on the boat. The setting was magical.

Our lovely captain Nikola was picked up by Stefan from the restaurant so we could dine privately, we then messaged him once we were ready 1.5 hours later and he was delivered back to us and then boat was cleared by Stefan from the lunch setting (table and all). It was a fun experience.

The food was delicious and Stefan and the team were absolutely lovely, we really enjoyed the complete experience and definitely recommend dining at the restaurant and organising a lunch on the lake. You will not be disappointed, it was perfection.