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Restaurant and Terrace UNO - Trpejca

Updated: 4 days ago

This family-owned restaurant is located in the majestic village of Trpejca, a short boat cruise from Ohrid. Crystal-clear waters are at your doorstep.

We were fortunate to enjoy a private lunch prepared by this restaurant on our magical boat cruise of Lake Ohrid with B & F Cruise—Ohrid Lake Boat Tours.

The owners had freshly caught the famous Ohrid trout from the lake that morning. They prepared it uniquely on the grill that few restaurants offer in Ohrid. It was mouthwatering.

Our lunch was set up on the boat in a packed restaurant style. We anchored in a small alcove to enjoy a private lunch and a lovely local bottle of wine on the boat. The setting was magical.

Stefan picked up our lovely captain Nikola from the restaurant so we could dine privately. 1.5 hours later, we messaged him once we were ready, and he was delivered back to us. Stefan then cleared the boat from the lunch setting (table and all). It was a fun experience.

The food was delicious, and Stefan and the team were charming. We enjoyed the complete experience and recommend dining at the restaurant and organising a lunch on the lake. You will not be disappointed; it was perfection.

Second visit to Restaurant UNO

We had another perfect dinner with lovely Nikola and Stefan on our last night in Ohrid.

It was nice to arrive by car and enter the village from another angle. There is a beautiful stepped walkway down to the restaurant.

We were blessed to arrive at the golden hour and experience sunset from the restaurant.

We had more magical views, fun times, and delicious food. This time, we tried the traditional Macedonian dish 'Village meat with vegetables baked in a clay pot' and were not disappointed.

The restaurant has recently been refurbished and is very modern, designed with lovely lights and a great ambience.

Be sure to stop by the viewpoint for the sensational view of Trpejca. We truly wished we had stayed here, an absolute hidden gem of Macedonia.

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