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PORTA - Restaurant & Lounge - Ohrid

Updated: May 16, 2021

PORTA - Restaurant & Lounge - Two visits

Best location in Ohrid, Macedonia on the lakeside for breakfast and evening cocktails with a view.

In the heart of the old town, you can sit by the lake enjoying the sunshine and a delicious breakfast. Full of traditional Macedonian choices, along with your favourites.

We were super impressed we were able to order fried eggs and bacon with toast, you would be surprised how often the toast is served as fresh bread, Dolna Porta was on the mark.

You definitely feel relaxed by the lakeside and could easily spend a few hours enjoying the local vibe, crystal clear waters and of course views over Lake Ohrid.

They have an extensive menu, packed with great value cocktails for your afternoon drinks too. The service was incredibly warm and friendly too.

Definitely recommend as one of the best places in Ohrid for breakfast with a view, also accepts credit card and free wi-fi available.

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