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Restoran Paparaci 2 - Bitola

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Restoran Paparaci 2 - Three visits

Restoran Paparaci 2 is a hidden oasis in Bitola; lush green trees and nature surround you in the garden dining area.

A great place to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. We enjoyed the peaceful nature and being tucked away in the garden, although you are minutes away from Shirok Sokak Street.

The staff were amiable; when language was a barrier, they would call up a friend to chat with so they could translate for us; it was lovely. There was a slight translation hiccup when we ordered fried eggs and received five fried eggs:-)

We also received a special little treat after breakfast; it is like lovely Macedonians always wanting to treat you and make you feel special.

Excellent value for food and drinks, great quality and an extensive menu of traditional Macedonian food. We also enjoyed a delicious wiener schnitzel.

The restaurant was located beneath our Airbnb, with the most incredible view of Bitola, so fast became a local spot for us to enjoy afternoon wine and late lunch.

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