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Sprinkles of Positive Energy - Day 14 Quarantine

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

The Power of positivity.

It has never been as important as now to connect with loved ones, family, friends, strangers - don’t ignore any reach out and always respond, even with a simple are you OK?

Spreading kindness and positive comments bring a little ray of sunshine into our day.

The warmth of a community - kindness is sunshine.

I had a very heartwarming two days (and some heartbreaking) responding to every comment on my #weareallinthistogether post on Girls LOVE Travel. I asked everyone around the world to share their life at home while being isolated, most of them living alone, during this current crisis and not forgetting those who are risking their wellbeing and health of loved ones to protect us all by doing their job.

It provided comfort to know we have such a strong community all supporting each other.

Connection & Gratitude

I want to express our gratitude to all the beautiful humans. That are out there fighting on the frontline in the healthcare industry. You are all true heroes.

They have to suffer the extremely uncomfortable new protocols to protect themselves if they are lucky enough to have them on supply.

The extremely long shifts they have to do. The inability to have a glass of water or food to get through the day.

To ensure they don’t put themselves and others at risk by removing their PPE (Personal protective equipment).

The staff who are isolated, due to being exposed to the virus. And the emotional and physical rollercoaster.

Knowing that they need to prepare themselves for losing patients if they haven’t already. Every one of you has our support, and we are eternally grateful for you caring and protecting us all.

COVID-19 is real. Stay home and spread gratitude to our health care workers across the world to help them stay healthy and positive.

Names have been removed to protect our angels. 😇


The number of healthcare workers from all over the world who found time in their crazy schedules to post and respond, while pleading with us to stay home. So they can do their jobs, and we don’t contribute to overwhelming them further to breaking point.

I found they needed us to know we were all thinking of them and sending them positive vibes to get through the situation.

They don’t have a choice we do, so please #stayathome for them and the sacrifice they are having to make and continue saving lives.


Thank you to all other essential workers are incredible going to work every day to make sure we all stay nourished and fed, safe and protected as we live comfortably as possible in our homes.


The rest of us who are doing the right thing and #stayingathome.

While replying to all these special ladies, it reminded me of the power of connection and knowing that someone is there to give you some encouragement to keep smiling and staying healthy.

Some want to share their day, or have lost their job, even worse have lost family members and unable to say goodbye, see their family and loved ones, suffering from COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Some are high risk and unable to leave the house, or need some friendly advice, or just wanted to share their experiences after being in isolation for over three weeks, the list is endless.

It provided me comfort in knowing that I was spreading sprinkles of positive energy to everyone and hoped that their day just got that little bit easier and brighter.

Let’s all stay together and constantly connected to each other.

We all need a virtual hug every now and then 🤗 #weareallinthistogether

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