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Taxi - Skopje

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Seli Taxi - Two weeks of trips

It all started on a hot summer's day, we had just finished shopping in the Skopje mall and Seli was the first taxi in the rank.

He was incredibly warm and friendly and spoke English too, and had air conditioning!

Upon arriving home, he gave us his card and said feel free to call me anytime +38970550348.

We took him up on the offer the next day to take us to lunch, unfortunately, we only had 1000 Denar and the hotel was unable to change it. Seli says no worries just pay me when I return to pick you up. We were overwhelmed by the trust, being from Australia a taxi driver would never let you out until you had paid.

Each time we messaged him (via Whatsapp), he was minutes away, never kept us waiting.

We ended up giving him the 1000 Denar, and used it as credit for the next few trips, each ride is approximately 100-150 Denar (2 EUR).

It was only natural we booked Seli to take us to Serbia, which he switched his taxi for a very comfortable transfer, we arrived safely in Serbia, which was only 1.5 hours drive from Skopje for 70 EUR.

We really enjoyed the ease of communicating with Seli, his wonderful energy, he always brought smiles and laughter each trip, felt like we had our own personal driver for all our needs in Skopje.

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