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Temperament Restoran - Belgrade

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Temperament Restoran - One visit

Temperament Restoran is a slick and modern restaurant located on the famous Savamala esplanade. A host of restaurants along the esplanade in Beton Hala (Concrete Hall), on the riverfront of river Sava.

The modern interior is impressive, with a great outdoor seating area, comfortable cushion chairs and heating.

Very authentic fresh quality Balkan food, extensive menu and the food was excellent. We enjoyed a fresh and light risotto, followed by the most succulent lamb.

Extensive wine list. Take the time to peruse the list as we found some hidden Serbian gems. They also have a beautiful wine wall display inside the restaurant.

When visiting the restrooms, you are also spoilt with a luxurious waiting area, a nice touch.

Take the effort with the staff, you will be rewarded. A simple hello and thank you in Serbian always rewards you with warm and friendly service.

Temperament is frequented by the locals, which is always a positive sign you have chosen the right place, and we were not disappointed.

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