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Twins Barber Shop - La Marsa

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Fantastic hairdressers, this barber is owned by twin brothers who are an absolute delight.

We needed a freshen-up while travelling in Tunisia and were fortunate to find excellent hairdressers nearby in La Marsa.

The barbershop is bursting at the seams with clients, and you can genuinely see the support they have from the local community and all their friends. It's a fantastic atmosphere, like a local hangout spot, where the boys can catch up with all their friends.

We visited twice during our stay, and we were impressed with their cutting and styling skills. Every client walks out of the shop looking brand new.

Excellent value for the quality of hairdressing; these boys are real stylists for only 35 TND for a new hairstyle. We felt so welcomed by the twins and all their customers we had to visit again to leave Tunis looking fabulous.

Thank you both, and we wish you all the success in your barbershop.

We hope to visit again soon if we return to the fabulous La Marsa and Tunisia.

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