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Valdanos Beach - Ulcinj

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Valdanos Beach - Multiple Visits to Clean

Unfortunately, this beach is heavily polluted; you drive down an access road through the rubbish to a beach that's just covered in rubbish.

The beach is located in a beautiful secluded cove and once would have been a tranquil spot with crystal clear waters and magical views, but I suspect due to the current times it has not been maintained and is no longer a beach of choice, nor one you would swim in based on the polluted waters from rubbish.

An old abandoned resort is adjacent to the beach, so this derelict building will impact this beach.

Once we are allowed to leave our Airbnb post-COVID-19, I'll keep trying to clean it up.

No bins are definitely a factor, the nearest bin is about a ten-minute drive.

I truly hope everyone plays their part to help bring this beach back to its former glory.

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