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Agrilia Restaurant - Alacati

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Agrilia Restaurant - One visit

We were fortunate to have the chance to experience this fantastic restaurant on their last week of operating in the Alavya Hotel. After six years, they are now taking a break to embark on a new location.

The hotel is the epitome of style and comfort with this current venture. From sitting upstairs with a log fire in beautiful lounge chairs to our table sitting right at the front of the restaurant overlooking the cobblestone street was perfect for people watching. We could only imagine watching the people in summer with all the radiant pink Bougainvillea flowers blossoming and surrounding you in the cobblestone streets.

The hotel's interior oozes style, and you are greeted as you walk in with a selection of fine local delicacies in the boutique delicatessen. As you continue, you'll be greeted with the main restaurant and bar, then you move into the idyllic outdoors, and there is a magnificent full-length pool that in summer would be the place to be when you're in Alacati.

Be prepared to take on a culinary journey of unique textures, from the impressive starters to desserts, including pasta flavoured with vodka (yes, you heard correctly) and lamb cutlets cooked to perfection.

They hosted an impressive wine list of high-quality Turkish wines, including all our favourites from Chamlija and a small selection of champagnes to begin your culinary journey. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do cocktails this time; however, the bar was very inviting.

The perfect pacing of the meals and the chef's passion for flavours and unique and delicious combinations provide you with a divine dining experience.

Very professional and friendly team, all with excellent knowledge of the menu and wine list, and were very attentive during our slow dining.

The team had plenty of time to engage in great conversation, and our waitress gave us an excellent overview of the area and its history and her personal journey in life.

Wishing the team every success for their subsequent tenure, we have no doubt they will continue to sprinkle their cheerful energy and deliver on their promise of superior dining to all future guests. Click here to find out where to next.

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