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  • Sal Schmidt

Albatross Tours

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Albatross Tours

#Germany #Austria #Switzerland #Itlay #Europe

Swiss Winter Wonderland was spectacular!

This trip was fantastic from the accommodation, experiences, food and company.

Albatross Tours think of everything and provide you with a very magical and well-organised tour.

Just some of the highlights, like the Glacier Express.

We loved the flexibility of my time. We can pop in and out of the organised activities as we wished.

Maritza, our tour guide (or Tour Mum) was terrific and made sure she was always one step ahead of us all.

We loved the carriage ride to OberHut, with a magnificent blue sky day.

Our fellow tour companions became our tour family.

I couldn't recommend Albatross Tours highly enough for all your travel experiences.

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