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Brick Eat Restaurant and Bar - Skopje

You can't win them all. Brick Eat of Park Hotel definitely was one that failed to deliver.

Slow service, although they were overstaffed, all busy doing nothing and avoiding the small number of guest's eye contact. When they did take our order, they neglected to actually process the order, and 40-minutes later we were still waiting for a simple hamburger.

The salad we did receive was average, and definitely a blessing that our next order was not processed. On a positive note, the cocktails were great.

The level of service was felt amongst all guests, we heard a few times, "Is my coffee coming from Brazil".

Best to give this one a miss, along with the sister venues, you get the vibe they just don't want customers.

We researched Four Restaurant, which was also part of the Park Hotel and it looked like the perfect place for a long lazy lunch in a nice venue. Upon arrival, the hotel was very rude, wouldn't break our notes to help us pay for the taxi, fortunately, our driver was a delight and offered for us to pay on the return trip.

We walked into the restaurant and walked around twice, completely ignored by the 15 staff just lazing about. This then led us to Brick Eat as it was air-conditioned, in hindsight we should have made the decision to leave much earlier, as we ended back at our local favourite Mosh and had the most amazing experience.

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