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Celebi Cafe & Bar - Sigacik

Celebi Cafe & Bar - One visit

Celebi Cafe & Bar is a small seafood cafe just off the marina in Sigacik. It is an excellent cheap, and cheerful place where the team tries hard to ensure you enjoy their cafe.

The service was friendly and welcoming; even with a language barrier, they tried to ensure our lunch was enjoyable and we had everything we needed.

Basic and straightforward food that fitted nicely with the cafe, fresh seafood, but they also have meat options available, which we opted for this time. The salads were nice and fresh.

It's perfect for people-watching, especially if it's off-season and a cold, windy day; it was also beautiful basking in the sunlight on a spring day.

Pricing was very, very reasonable; no complaints.

The wine list was very limited, but they were very accommodating and went out and bought some wine for us. How cool!

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