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Ciflik Winery - Bitola

Updated: May 18, 2021

Ciflik Winery - One visit

We were very excited to visit our first winery during our recent travels to Bitola Macedonia. A rocky start upon arrival, but soon turned around by our lovely waiter Bojan.

Bojan's warm and friendly nature, professional service and knowledge, was exceptional, after chatting we learnt he was trained in Dubai. You could definitely see customer service was very important to him and all guests received the experience they came to enjoy.

We reserved a table for lunch via facebook messenger, which was all smooth sailing, upon arrival we were seated in the casual dining on a small undressed table in the centre, as the dressed area was for a private function.

We asked to move to a larger table and it was reserved so was told by the waitress this was our only option, after we sat unattended for five minutes waiting for menus. We decided to take matters into our own hands and give them a chance as there was ample outdoor seating, so we headed out and chose a table, which they kindly dressed for us.

Lunch was to begin, with a bottle of fine french bubbles followed by a local red from the winery that was impeccable, Bojan definitely took us on a journey of wonderful food and wine.

Large menu full of traditional options and all your international favourites. We started out with a beautiful fresh salad, with the most divine jam, accompanied by Bruschetta with a local roasted pepper spread called Ajvar, very special indeed.

For our mains we ordered steak and beef tagliata, which were delicious and cooked to perfection.

Desserts were a special treat from a fellow guest after his little son sampled ours from another restaurant the day prior, it was incredibly generous and we were not concerned at all with the little one being brave and popping over to say hi and check out our dessert:-)

The winery is located ten minutes drive from Ohrid, easy to catch a taxi. Surrounded by lush green mountains and clean air and nature.

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