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Connect Beach Restaurant - Slivnica

Connect Beach - One visit

Connect Beach is located a short half-hour drive from Bitola at Slivnica Beach.

Lake Prespa is located on the tripoint of North Macedonia, Albania, and Greece, the Great Prespa Lake is divided between the three countries

We enjoyed a bottle of wine at Connect Beach Restaurant with friends which was lovely. Connect Beach is a summer beach club bar venue for locals and travellers to relax by the lake, there was an abundance of lounge chairs and beds available, so during the summer, it would be very populated.

We were disappointed with the wine selection at Connect Beach, only one winery available and the pricing was high for Macedonian standards.

Connect Beach has the potential, but the pier was in a state of disrepair, therefore you definitely needed to be cautious walking across it to ensure you didn't end up in the lake.

After spending five weeks on Lake Ohrid, it is undoubtedly the most magical lake between the two lakes. We felt Lake Prespa was missing the beauty, heartbeat, and soul that Lake Ohrid has.

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