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Sunset cruise - Lake Ohrid

Updated: 5 days ago

Pure bliss cruising on Lake Ohrid in Macedonia during the golden hour with the sun setting.

A sunset cruise with Nikola of B & F Cruises was the perfect way to arrive home from Cuba Libre after a long, lazy lunch.

The views of the old town and the magical St. Johns Church were breathtaking, and we were also fortunate to experience the lake like glass.

Thank you to Nikola, our fabulous Captain, for recommending such a wonderful experience and the door-to-door delivery; it felt like royalty.

We recommend going from 7 pm, when the vivid colours of the town light up, the sun sets over the water, and there are fewer boats, making the lake quieter.

Add this experience to your bucket list of items in Ohrid; you won't be disappointed.

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