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Dede Restaurant - Marmaris

Dede Restaurant - Two visits

Dede Restaurant in Marmaris, Turkey, lets the quality of its food, service and surroundings drive its business instead of the traditional aggressively spruiking nature of the other restaurants hugging the foreshore of the harbour.

We ate here twice during our two-night stay in Marmaris, which is a testament to the high service levels and food quality. The team are so positive, with plenty of laughter and smiles that make your dining experience even more rewarding.

On our first night, we met a lovely couple, and we fast became friends; it was a night full of laughter and fun.

Dede Restaurant is what we class as fine dining so that you can choose from the freshest of fish on display to tasty steaks and much more. The menu is varied enough but not so large that it would compromise the food quality, the chef brings his A-game, and you won't be disappointed. The swordfish was mouthwatering!

Dede Restaurant is the place to enjoy a slow lunch or dinner with premium wine more than a sunset cocktails venue. For cocktails, Alice Marmaris is the place to be.

The white table clothed tables take this restaurant up a level compared to most other dining establishments along the marina in Marmaris. Perfect location for a lazy afternoon lunch or dinner while gazing at the various charter boats trying to lure another group of tourists into a tour.

This is a premium restaurant, so expect to pay for the quality of the food and surroundings; think crisp white linen table cloths and impeccable dressed team members.

With an extensive wine list covering both old and new world wines, plenty of hidden gems will make you want to return. We felt like part of the family after only two visits. Thank you to Baran and the incredible team from front to back of the house; you made our stay in Marmaris very enjoyable.

Fun facts about Dede restaurant, source Dede website:

Dede started business as a cafe in 1973 by Ali Denizelli (1888 – 1992) at the same spot where it is today. Ali Denizelli lived a long life, mostly on the sea serving on his clipper as a postman for many years to and from Marmaris and Rhodes Island.

His healthy life of 104 years was credited mainly to his simple diet mostly comprising of seafood and his lifestyle on the sea.

Since its foundation, our establishment has remained in the family having been converted to a beautiful restaurant meeting the needs of today. Ali’s grandchildren now run the restaurant. By naming the restaurant Dede (Grandfather) is an attempt to keep alive his name and memory.

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