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Do We Really Dance Like No One Is Watching?

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

I do wonder if we dance like no one is watching?

I see this sign everywhere, but do we stop and take notice?

Dance like no one is watching means putting yourself out there; people will judge your sexuality, looks, style, sanity, the list goes on forever.

I'm not a great dancer.

I have had a motto of first on the dance floor.

Putting yourself out there for others to judge leaves you open.

As you get older, you realise it's not about the material items; they will not bring you happiness.

As I travel, I realise those magical moments, of dancing on the street in Koh Samui with a beautiful soul that was closer to ninety than she would like to admit.

Every night she would walk past the jazz restaurant opposite our place, Red Moon. With her husband by her side, she would stand swaying to the music.

Damn it if I didn't get up from my seat and ask her to dance.

That moment will be etched into our memories more than any trinket we ever purchase.

The moment of being the only male in a room in Morocco dancing to celebrate a wedding.

Another Koh Samui moment was dancing with Audhild from Oslo who has her own special set of dancing wheels and did she show me up to dancing queen by Abba.

I cannot wait to see you Audhild in Norway as soon as our travels take us in that direction.

Let's all try to dance like no one is watching.

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