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Dolphin Tour - Rovinj

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

I'll be first to admit I didn't want to do this, not because of the sea; I just felt it was wrong.

It appears the dolphins are wild and seem to enjoy leading us along.

Magical experience on this sunset boat trip in Rovinj to see the dolphins in their natural habitat, we were surprised to see multiple pods playing in the sunset.

Excursions Delfin were very respectful of the dolphins and kept their distance, but also we were presented with lots of opportunities for pictures.

The boat was well maintained and comfortable out in the sea, it was wonderful sailing the coastline of charming Old Town Rovinj. The crew were full of personality and for 100 kuna and a 2 hour trip included free wine and soft drinks.

Definitely opt for a larger boat, such as Excursions Delphin as the smaller boats rocked a lot once out in the sea (and it was a calm sea).

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