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Happy 60th Birthday Wayne

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

It's your 60th Birthday!! Happy Birthday to my darling Wayne. To celebrate this special milestone with you in the Canadian Rocky Mountains was magical. A place that brings you so much joy, surrounded by incredible nature and nestled amongst 360 degrees of mountains, Canmore was perfect!

Thank you for taking the role of chef for your special day; it was nice to have a day off:-) A special thank you to everyone who shared their birthday love with Wayne. It truly made his day memorable to see and hear from you all.

The past five years have been the best decision we ever made, to travel endlessly around the world together. We have experienced so much together, dined and wined our way around, and created magical friendships, and our days continue to be brighter each day. Looking forward to the next adventures, we truly are blessed to live the life we have created. I love you so much and love our life together.

Thank you to everyone who shared a message of birthday love for Wayne; it truly was a magical morning seeing and hearing from you all.

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2 commenti

Paul Dunn
Paul Dunn
24 lug 2022

Thinking of you both especially today. You are both seriously A M A Z I N G. Much much love.

Mi piace
Wayne Schmidt
Wayne Schmidt
25 lug 2022
Risposta a

Thank you so much!

Mi piace
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