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Kamarite Bar - Bitola

Kamarite - One visit

Kamarite, also known as "Kamari' to the locals, a wonderful eclectic bar in Bitola, the one we wished we found before two hours before leaving Bitola.

We were fortunate to spend our last drinks in this unique bar saying goodbye to our new friends.

Great atmosphere and tunes, full of character and tucked away off the busy Shirok Sokak Street, but only one minute walk from the pedestrian street.

The staff and patrons were warm and friendly with excellent value drinks. A hotspot for the locals, so you felt you were part of the community, definitely a great spot to meet friends.

Definitely wish we had more time in Bitola, but all good things must come to an end and we were grateful to spend our last few hours in this awesome bar, which also had a Fitzroy, Melbourne vibe.

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