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Krushevska Odaja - Krushevo

Krushevska Odaja - Two visits

True alpine authentic Macedonian restaurant in Krushevo, from the delicious food to the decor to the atmosphere.

As soon as you walk in you are greeted by the warm and friendly team, all born and raised in magical Krushevo, you can feel the community vibe and you instantly feel part of the family.

Definitely enjoy all the traditional dishes, as they are all amazing, we had to go back for seconds to try the slow-cooked beef and mushroom, it was mouthwatering. You may need to ask for this, as it was not on the menu.

We dined twice, at this beautiful restaurant once outdoors and once on the terrace, both areas were enjoyable and comfortable.

We felt very special to be treated to local desserts, and they were a perfect end to a perfect dining experience.

Be sure to take a tour indoors to enjoy all the decor and traditional clothes and items on display, definitely helps you understand the times

We were very impressed by lovely Ratko, who is incredibly professional and makes sure your lunch is a memorable experience, we were very grateful to have met Ratko during our time in Krushevo, and have created another special friendship on our travels through Macedonia.

Excellent value for the exquisite cuisine, service, and selection of local Macedonian wines.

You will not be disappointed if you are lucky enough to be in magical Krushevo and dining at Krushevska Odaja.

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