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La Pirogue - Tivat

Updated: 3 days ago

La Pirogue - Five Visits

La Pirogue is the fine dining restaurant for La Roche Hotel. The hotel and restaurant exude luxury and the sense of treating yourself to the finest of stays and dining.

Dining outdoors, you are surrounded by the magical views of the Bay of Kotor and each evening, you are gifted with a stunning sunset while enjoying a great selection of the highest-quality cocktails, a large wine list, and an extensive menu. It's the Best Negroni in town.

The food is on another level; we dined here at least five times during our short stay at La Roche and were overwhelmed by each choice. The meat was mouthwatering, the salads were spectacular, and the desserts heavenly. Don't miss the breakfast; you are spoilt with à la carte, unlimited choices, and no limits on ordering.

The service was impeccable, and we enjoyed our conversations and learning about beautiful Tivat. We received 5-star service every time.

Great value for money, very affordable prices for food and drinks.

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