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THE SPOT - Lustica Bay

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

THE SPOT - One Visit

Have you ever sat down in a restaurant and just felt it was going to be a great experience?

That was our experience at The Spot, part of The Chedi Hotel in Lustica Bay. Remember we're travelling during Covid-19 so finding something open over the festive period was always going to be hard. This restaurant oozes style, and we were lucky to experience their famous Sunday sessions with live music, BBQ and drinks, full of residents.

Our waitress Dajana was super helpful, before we even had ordered our first (of many) cocktails, Dajana had organised an amazing room at the hotel. We listened to live music for the rest of the afternoon and enjoyed outstanding quality fresh food while sipping some fine wines.

Nothing better than finishing the day with a few expresso martinis and then retiring to your room, without the worry of driving.

Magical day and our thanks to the whole Chedi Hotel Team.

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