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Makedonium Ilinden Monument - Krushevo

Makedonium is a very interesting Yugoslavian architecture perched up on the hill in Krushevo, a memorial for the soldiers.

Ilinden, also known as Makedonium, is a monument in Kruševo, Macedonia. Makedonium was officially opened on August 2 of 1974, on the 30th anniversary of the Second Session of the Anti-fascist Assembly for the National Liberation of Macedonia and the 71st anniversary of Ilinden uprising.

We enjoyed our time learning to fly our drone around this magnificent piece of architecture, it was very peaceful tucked away with beautiful views, and surrounded by nature.

The locals bring their horses to feed, the sound of the bells chiming around their necks as they trim the grass added to the ambiance.

Unfortunately, the monument was closed, so we were unable to enter to enjoy the stained glassed windows as the sun was setting from indoors.

To learn all about the history of the Makedonium click here.

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