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Norwegian Fjords with Celebrity Cruises

Embark on a transformative adventure with us as we set sail on a remarkable seven-night cruise aboard the Apex by Celebrity Cruises, navigating the awe-inspiring Norwegian fjords in May 2023.

Following an enriching 16-day voyage on the Western Europe Transatlantic route from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Rotterdam, we seamlessly transitioned into a captivating back-to-back cruise, commencing in Rotterdam and culminating in the charming city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Join us as we step into a world of unparalleled natural wonders and cultural treasures, where every moment unfolds as a testament to the extraordinary experiences that await in the heart of the Norwegian fjords.

Our journey through the Norwegian fjords allowed us to immerse ourselves in the captivating beauty of four distinct destinations, each offering a unique tapestry of experiences waiting to be unravelled.

Our journey through the Norwegian fjords was a revelation. It captured our hearts and opened our eyes to the unparalleled beauty of this pristine landscape. We were sold on Norway.

Having cruised the stunning New Zealand sounds and the breathtaking Chilean Fjords multiple times, we were taken aback by the grandeur of the Norwegian Fjords, which truly stand in a league of their own.

The sheer scale and drama of the scenery went beyond what any camera could capture. Navigating the inner channels of Norway, we were met with mountains cascading and overlapping in a picturesque display that left us in awe.

To explore our memorable encounters at each destination in more detail, click on the designated tile below.

Life onboard Celebrity Apex

Having sailed with Celebrity Cruises nine times prior, we were no strangers to Celebrity. See our Crossing the Atlantic with Celebrity Cruises blog to learn more about our transition to the Edge class ship.

Regrettably, our plans to secure the coveted Sunset Verandah stateroom, reminiscent of our transatlantic voyage, fell through. In light of this, we opted for an AquaClass room — a practical choice informed by our past cruise experiences, where partaking in specialty dining establishments was a highlight of our journey.

By selecting the AquaClass accommodation, we strategically avoided incurring extra expenses while gaining exclusive entry to Blu, the dedicated restaurant reserved for guests of this class.

This presented us with the opportunity to experience the innovative design of the "infinite veranda." While we found the room to be comfortable, we must admit that the balcony style left us feeling somewhat confined.

Although the infinite veranda concept is promising in theory, it is characterised by a more enclosed setup that restricts the ability to fully enjoy outdoor seating. We discovered that the window frame, positioned in our eyeline, slightly detracted from the immersive views we had hoped to savour from the comfort of our own stateroom.

Given our desire to relax and soak up the breathtaking scenery the Norwegian fjords had to offer, this aspect proved to be a tad frustrating. We longed for the unrestricted pleasure of sitting out on a traditional balcony, allowing nature's beauty to envelop us in its entirety.

Our first evening provided a memorable start to our seafaring adventure. Departing from Rotterdam, we were pleasantly surprised to receive a complimentary bottle of champagne and fresh, delectable strawberries, setting the tone for a night of indulgence.

As we floated out into the waters, we were treated to a stunning display of a unique interplay between a magnificent sunset and a mystical fog drifting gently over the water, enveloping the oil rigs that dotted the seascape around us. It was a sight to behold and left an indelible impression on our hearts and minds.

This experience reminds us of the importance of cherishing the little moments of indulgence and taking in the beauty around us. It also serves as a testament to the level of service and attention to detail offered by the Celebrity Apex crew, who went above and beyond to make us feel special and pampered.

After our awe-inspiring departure, we were promptly ushered into Blu, the esteemed restaurant designated for Aquaclass patrons. Here, we savoured a leisurely dinner characterised by attentive service, a notable uptick in culinary excellence compared to the main dining venues, and an inviting, elegant ambience that set the stage for an exceptional dining experience. Embracing the opportunity, we delved into the evening with full immersion by partaking in three courses.

We promised ourselves we would make a show in this segment, and it did not disappoint. Crystalize, a captivating show that graced the stage of the theatre, this world-class performance was a symphony of artistry, seamlessly blending vocals, choreography, light, laser projections, music, dance, and breathtaking aerial acrobatics. As the curtains unveiled this multi-sensory spectacle, the theatre came alive with an inspiring and visually stunning display that left us in awe.

The carefully orchestrated fusion of elements in Crystalize was a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and creative ingenuity that went into its creation. Each movement, sound, and visual effect served a purpose, weaving together to transport the audience on a journey of wonder and emotion.

We maintained our dining experience at Blu, complemented by our visits to Raw on Five to satisfy our craving for Japanese cuisine. The menu offerings at Blu left a lasting impression, showcasing a thoughtful selection of dishes. Despite the ship nearing capacity, the tranquil dining atmosphere in Blu provided a welcome retreat, allowing us to savour our meals in a relaxed setting.

As our 23-day Transatlantic and bucket list Norwegian cruise approached its conclusion, we took a moment to bid a fond farewell to our dedicated crew members, expressing gratitude for the thoughtful gifts they bestowed upon us as mementos of our journey. Special thanks were extended to Alexander and Lea Anne from Raw on Five, whose exceptional service and attention to detail truly enhanced our cruising experience, leaving an enduring imprint on our memories.

Undoubtedly, we wholeheartedly endorse embarking on a Norwegian Fjords cruise; we can't sing the praises of a Norwegian Fjords cruise loud enough! In fact, we loved it so much that we're gearing up for another adventure cruising around Northern Europe this July and August. The rugged beauty of the Norwegian Fjords is truly something to behold. It's a feast for the senses, from majestic cliffs plunging into crystal clear waters to picturesque villages nestled in the valleys. And let's not forget the unparalleled charm of Northern Europe, with its rich history, vibrant cultures, and mouthwatering cuisine awaiting us around every corner.

So, if you're craving a dose of awe-inspiring natural wonders and cultural exploration, subscribe and join us on this exciting journey through the mesmerising landscapes of the Norwegian Fjords and beyond!

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