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Old Mavrovo Church - Mavrovo

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Old Mavrovo Church - One visit

St Nicholas Church, also known as Old Mavrovo Church, is an abandoned church in Mavrovo, Macedonia, submerged in Mavrovo Lake.

On our visit to Mavrovo, the church is now accessible by land, a short walk from the road that you can visit as it is currently being restored.

The church is in ruins, the roof has caved in, the interior has been destroyed, but you can safely walkthrough. Despite being submerged in water, the church has preserved its initial construction. Its bell tower still exists.

The church is located on the lake; we enjoyed spending the afternoon practising flying our drone; it is peaceful with beautiful views as it is abandoned.

The church built in 1850 with icons painted by Dicho Zograf; the church served as the main village church of Mavrovo. With the construction of the hydroelectric power station in Mavrovo and the artificial Mavrovo Lake, the church got submerged underwater. During summer periods of drought, the church is accessible through the land.

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