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Mia's Favorite Hotel - Mavrovo

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Mia's Favorite Hotel - Four nights

Warm and friendly hotel in Mavrovo National Park, you truly felt like part of the family.

First and foremost, the team is an absolute delight. Everyone was full of energy, and the service was very attentive.

The location is ideal for your stay in Mavrovo; you are within walking distance to nearby restaurants and local sites; a favourite was Mavrovski Merak.

The hotel is beautifully designed, with exceptional views, a perfect place to relax and enjoy. The outdoor and indoor dining space was incredible.

Rooms are clean and comfortable; we stayed in the Premium Room (Room 108) for a night (below) and then moved into the apartment, which was very spacious with wonderful views.

We then moved into the VIP Superior Apartment, which was very spacious with wonderful views of the lake and mountains and a kitchen located on level two (Room 202).

The food was amazing, we dined in the restaurant a few times over the four days, and every meal was delicious; we also tried Roe Deer, a traditional dish and cooked to perfection.

Don't miss the meatballs; they were mouthwatering, along with the roast lamb.

The drinks were a real treat; if you are a cocktail lover, be sure to experience them from the fantastic bar staff. Extensive wine selection and were not overpriced.

We became friends with the staff, and lovely Nikola was kind enough to drive us to our next destination, Matka Canyon. He also surprised us one morning with our first Turkish coffee in Macedonia. Breakfast is made to order, and the coffee was excellent.

Our time at Mia's was exceptional, we are very grateful to the team for making us feel so welcome, and we were definitely sad to move on; we could have stayed much longer if we had the time.

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