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Pizza Via Sacre - Ohrid

Updated: May 16, 2021

Pizza Via Sacre - One visit

Located in the heart of the old city, just by the lovely Saint Sophia church, unfortunately, location is not enough.

We were very unimpressed with the quality of food, started out well with some delicious home-made lemonade followed by a margarita pizza, which was great.

We then ordered a traditional chicken pide and the pieces of chicken were mostly raw (the stray cats even passed it up), our waiter asked us if something was wrong, we mentioned the chicken was uncooked, and he responded with 'Well, I didn't cook it', which was very disappointing. An apology would have been more appropriate.

Definitely a tourist trap and would recommend to avoid this experience to ensure you stay healthy during your visit, you are spoilt for choice in Ohrid, so best give this one a miss.

I guess we can't win them all, after dining out for four years numerous times a week, this was the first restaurant that failed the 101 cooking test and served our chicken medium rare.

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