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Toro - Belgrade

Toro - One visit

Toro is a Latin gastro bar restaurant located on the famous Savamala esplanade in Belgrade. A host of restaurants along the esplanade in Beton Hala (Concrete Hall), on the riverfront of river Sava.

Toro is a beautiful space with comfortable outdoor and indoor dining, perfect for a casual meal or drinks and has a great atmosphere and design.

The food was excellent, especially the tacos. You can graze away on a varied selection of Mexican and Japanese dishes of sushi and sashimi.

We enjoyed our afternoon hanging out with friends relaxing in a cosy environment, eating great food, drinking cocktails and great local wine.

A pleasant surprise following lunch was the array of complimentary desserts. Thank you, Toro, for sharing your hospitality for our last weekend in Serbia with our beautiful friends.

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