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Phoenix Fine Wines - Eastport

Phoenix Fine Wines - One visit

We were drawn into Phoenix Fine Wines, a wine bar, not only by the name but the live Celtic trio band 'Joan, the bass player with Fiddlechick, Picky and Plucky' playing music invited us in.

We are warmly welcomed by the energetic and friendly owner Laura and the Celtic trio; we are in the right place.

We quickly settle in the cosy chairs near the band and floor-to-ceiling windows with a glass of red and enjoy the backdrop of the ever-changing tides of Passamaquoddy Bay; you can quickly while away in the afternoon.

We also ordered the cheese platter; all food products sourced from local producers, including the cheese from the local goats, cows and sheep. They have a selection of wines by the bottle, glass and small bites. We love supporting local businesses and are also thrilled when they do too.

Opened this July, the wine bar is like stepping back in time. The Irish folk music transports you back 100 years whilst relaxing in the beautiful wooded surroundings and antique furniture; think of an old mansion library, surrounded by books to peruse.

The building was built in 1887 after the great fire of 1886 decimated downtown Eastport. The buildings were home to various businesses over the last century but were neglected in the 2lst Century and fell into disrepair. They have since been reborn as a brewery and wine bar for all to enjoy.

Huge glass pane windows with an everlasting view across the waters, music, atmosphere, comfort and smiles from the lovely owner, accompanied by great food and wine all wrapped up in one. She has the formula just right.

The locals were all very welcoming and loved to hear the story of our cruise and travels. We were grateful to have spent the afternoon in a beautiful wine bar to escape the rain and build memories of our visit to Eastport.

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