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Scuba restaurant - Rovinj

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Scuba restaurant - Four Visits

Definitely worth the wait! It did take us two months to finally experience Scuba in Rovinj, it is very popular. We have now dined three times in the past week.

Situated in the Old Town, with glimpses of the sea and ample outdoor seating. If you time it well, you'll have a nice quiet lunch without all the crowds and the staff are delightful.

The wine list is full of local wines and Apéritifs and digestifs, definitely try their grappa! A great selection of seafood and quality meat dishes, one of the best steaks we have enjoyed here in Rovinj, cooked to perfection. Food and wine is great value for money.

A personal favourite is the local cuisine dish Beef Tagliata, melts in your mouth!

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